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One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. I purchased a $450 Treasure Garden market umbrella From Fresh Home & Garden which snapped in half 8 days after I brought it home. When I went back to return it, I was told by the store's co-owner that they don't warrantee the product and that I was basically out of luck. This was not mentioned at the time of purchase, nor is it indicated anywhere on the receipt. I had to ask for the manufacturer's contact info to see if I could submit a claim directly. Instead, my claim was forwarded to the local Treasure Garden dealer who informed me that "Treasure Gardens warranty specifically states that acts of nature ...are not covered by their manufacturer's warranty." As of April 23, 2010 I still have not received a copy of this warranty, nor have I received any satisfactory resolution to my claim. Upon further investigation, I was able to find the same umbrella through Amazon.com for $149. Obviously I was duped by a unscrupulous retailer whose outrageous markup practices lulled me into believing I was buying a higher quality product than I actually received, as well as a manufacturer whose warranty protects no one but themselves.

Damage Resulting = I'm out $450. The retailer has since offered to sell me a replacement for $225 which would put me out $675 for an umbrella which is obviously not worth a cent

Review about: Treasure Garden Umbrella.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Just another piece of junk from China, Treasure Gardens is headquartered and manufactured in Nagobo China, my four hundred dollar plus umbrella broke at the cheep pot metal swivel joint, no recourse and no replacement parts, and was not wind damage, almost lost a finger when it snaped, always ask where a product is made, don't assume it is high quality just because it is expensive and or overpriced.

Los Angeles, California, United States #971279

You'd think with such a high price tag - that TREASURE GARDEN would list a DIRECT NUMBER for their customer service rather than pass the buck on to their dealers who carry the actual umbrellas - BUT NOT THE PARTS! BIG mistake!

My very expensive umbrella needs a very cheap part that blew off in the wind - but no one seems to carry it. What a joke!

El Segundo, California, United States #831083

I bought a TG Umbrella 11 years ago, and with the exception of having to re-sew a few seams at the wind pockets (after washing), I haven't had any issues until today; even the material hasn't faded.

The topper broke upon removing it to clean the umbrella. Unfortunate thing is, the manufacture provides no way to contact them on their web site, nor have i had any luck finding a replacement part on line.

I originally purchased the umbrella a Stats, who stated they couldn't order a replacement topper, but was able to provide me my model number.

11 years - I'm not going to complain too much, but other than the topper (final) its in perfect shape, so a little frustrated that it looks like i may need to shell out 100's because i cant find a $10.00 part.

Going to try I the contact at TG that was posted on this thread. Fingers crossed.


It's not warrantied against Mother Nature...,use common sense is a car dealer going to give you a new car if a limb hits your car and damages it? It not defective you have to be smarter. Why should a company be responsible for that?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #687285

I have had a Treasure Garden umbrella for quite a few years. It has worked quite well. It is more the customer service angle that I want to comment on. As many others have noted, it is impossible to correspond with anyone from this company unless you Google your info. I found some people to write to on this particular site, however who knows if they even work there anymore.

As of this writing I have sent five separate emails to five separate people within the company and received no response.

I have no issue with the quality of the product as two spokes from my umbrella broke when it fell over. I'm trying to buy two new spokes but no one seems to want to help me. Or even tell me they can't help me.

If I were to buy another umbrella (and I may have to if I can't get the parts) I would buy from another company who I felt had better customer service.

Because, at this point, Treasure Garden's customer service is nonexistent.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #660864

Used my umbrella 2 times and it snapped right at the crank handle would love to know if anyone knows where I could buy a new pole. From what I've see here treasure garden isn't a product I should have bought.


Dear Valued Customers, I do apologize if you feel that you were not able to get the proper assistance you feel was necessary. I would like to personally address each invidual's situation personally.

Please email me at tiffany@treasuregarden.com. Sincerely, Tiffany (Treasure Garden, Customer Service Manager)

to Treasure Garden Overland Park, Kansas, United States #855904

Would like someone to email me from Treasure Garden about my two shredded umbrellas. Cjm@mannfence.com


Boy do I feel ***. I talked my spouse into buying TWO of the TG cantileverd umbrellas and the canopy fell apart during the second summer.

It has cost us well over $200 each time we used the umbrellas if you consider the cost per use.

Right, no contact info. You'd think they would have some ethics!


Is there any way the broken arm can be fixed?

Mine broke in the first month also. Does anyone know of a business that will fix these expensive umbrellas? Obviously they are not made for states that are windy, which states dont have wind?


Same problem with my umbrella- Is there any phone number to call???


Bought a treasure garden umbrella and a few years later material was getting worn so went back to dealer to buy a new canopy - was told they don't stock and would have to order but they may be able to sell a display model - when they looked up the price they said $350 - $400 just for the canopy and then the sales lady said "basically they want you to buy a new umbrella" - ridculous - if you buy a quality umbrella you should be able to get replacement canopies at a decent price!


I would appreciate contact information for Treasure Garden customer claims if anyone has found it. We set our patio up for a 40th surprise party for a neighbor and an hour or so later, just before the guests were to arrive, noticed the metal pole had bent in half and cracked.

The umbrella was 8 weeks old AND THERE WAS NO WIND THAT DAY!

I had lost the receipt so didn't report it but recently found it and based on al the warranty claims on the tags was hoping that i could still be reimbursed or get a new umbrella. Unfortunately the tag refers you to their website which offers no contact information for warranty claims.


I as well work for a retailer that sells TG umbrellas. When you purchase a Treasure Garden umbrella, it comes with a warranty card attached to it.

Specifically it tells consumers, do not leave your umbrella in your table when not in use. This is because if its windy, it will break the pole. If you can follow simple instructions, dont buy expensive umbrellas. and for the cantilever, it should NEVER be left in the open position.

I see hundreds of these issues a year, and are almost always due to not following directions. I also handle all warranty claims for my company, and iguarantee you, if it was treasure gardens defect they would have been happy to replace it at no charge.

to Josh Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #835899

You, as a retailer, are exactly what these people are complaining about. Maybe if I can't work a cantilever, then you should inform me how when I buy it.

If you can't practice good customer service, than maybe you shouldn't be in retail! Not surprised you don't list the name of the retailer you work at!


I wish I'd had the wherewithal to look this Manufacturer up before dropping $1000. I purchased an extremely expensive cantilever umbrella from Waterloo Gardens in Wilmington, DE, August 2010, here we are, May 2011, and the 1st day we open it to enjoy the outdoors, the steel cable snaps, ripping through the rather shoddy looking metal bar, releasing a heavy umbrella within inches of our Childrens' heads.

The Store offered attitude and run-around. As you stated above, the Site for Treasure Gardens doesn't provide any contact info, so I found it elsewhere. They looked at our photos and emailed us back with a total brush off, telling us how to place an order for a brand new one!!! Not under warrantee....the whole sales pitch was this *** thing could stand up to any wind.

It wasn't even windy that day, nor did it even fall down. there was no triggering action to this collapse, and yet nothing comes of it but complete disgust on behalf of we the Consumer.


Interesting to hear your comments. My TG market umbrella was totally shredded after ~15 months.

The local retailer told me the same thing - that it wasn't warranteed, and he felt sure the TG rep wouldn't do anything about it....even though he'd never seen anything like it (the shredded umbrella) before. Eventually the local shop offered me a smaller verson of the umbrella free of charge, which isn't what I wanted, but at least they made an effort to appease me.


@ Jerry: I have 2 email addresses for treasure garden (not that they've helped in any way) but give it a shot:



I agree it looks very shifty that they don't post contact info on their site.

@ dr.j. I got the same stock response from my TG dealer that Brad gives here. I can tell you that the top of my umbrella weighes in excess of 30 lbs and the post is as light as a feather. Simple physics tells me it's not built to sustain any lateral force at all.


That is just b.s. Brad.

A well-built frame should withstand some weather.

My "high-quality" TG cantilever umbrella is coming apart in 3 different places one year after I bought it - and I live in Pittsburgh, so the freakin' thing spent 10 months of the year wrapped in a tarp in my garage!! Poor design/cheap materials.


Have you been able to get in contact with TG main offices? I too have had difficulty with a retailer and would like to talk directly to the TG people, however their website doesn't offer any way to contact them. Curious that.

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